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Point & Click • Stream • MoGoApps
Eliminate backlogs and the high cost of mobile app development with automation. Empower your workforce to point and click app ideas in MoGo Builder which are seamlessly streamed to the neuMoGo Engine on devices to trigger app ideas in a private HomeScreen. Then GO: click app ideas with Forms, Lists, Surveys, Web Pages, and Videos. Plus camera capture and QR Barcode scanning. Configure unique user info on install. Use NeuMoGo to achieve 70% of mobile app ideas!

No Code • No Backlogs • No App Store

US Patents 10540485, 8307288, and 8271884

Automate streaming mobile ideas to a private HomeScreen

The neuMoGo Difference

The point and click MoGo Builder enables the workforce to automate the streaming of mobile ideas to a Private Homescreen.

Instructions trigger code in the neuMoGo Engine deployed on managed devices to display streamed ideas in a private Home Screen. No compiling and downloading one off apps and no waiting for changes.

Mobile Device Management deploys the secure neuMoGo Engine.

Deploy MoGoApps with your company name on managed devices the same way custom compiled Apps are deployed on iPhone and Android. Except one powerful neuMoGo Engine now takes the place of all the memory hogging apps. neuMoGo is secure because the streamed instructions can only trigger secure code.

Customize neuMoGo with your own colors, icons, images, web pages, videos, and list content.

Customize neuMoGo with your own colors using the palette tool to change colors; Add/Edit list and video content with the Content Editor; and then combine it all together in MoGo Builder. All tools combined into one user interface.

neuMoGo fits into your existing Mobile Device Management(MDM).

Deploy MoGoApps on (MDM) managed devices like other custom Apps. neuMoGo accesses content through existing Internet Security. All MoGoApps and content is stored in a secure diretory on a web server behind Internet security.

Automate streaming mobile ideas to a private HomeScreen

neuMoGo Tools - Edit and Add Content, Customize Color Palettes, Build and Deploy Streamed Apps to a Private HomeScreen.

Change Color Palettes used in Streamed Apps with the Palette editor. Click on the colors to use the Palette.
Enter content for Lists and Video Lists with the Content Editor. Add text and URLs for About Pages and Videos. Insert, append or delete entries.
Use the Builder to create/edit Streamed Apps. Select the icon and enter the name of the App; then point and click to create the Streamed App.
Control which Streamed Apps are added to the Private HomeScreen with the HomeScreen Editor. Click on the Apps you wish to add to the HomeScreen.

US Patents 10540485, 8307288, and 8271884